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Look around you. The people that make up your world are vastly different than those who lived and worked, raised families and made meals back in 1945. Except for one thing: you share their desires for convenient, delightfully prepared foods made of the freshest, highest quality vegetables available.
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And Quality
That Defy Time

Five Bean Salad With Jar About Paisley Farm
You react the same way your parents, grandparents and great grandparents reacted when they opened a jar of Paisley Farm vegetables or bean salads: with an “mmmmm” and a smile. Our flavors are timeless, our products are impeccable, and fresh only meant one thing then, just as it means one thing now. Look at the vibrancy and color of our products, they tell their own story. Make our legacy part of your family’s tradition, and join four generations of Americans who have grown to love the Paisley way.


J.W. Paisley, founder of Paisley Farm, based our original company concept on an ethic that we carry forth today: we make our products out of the freshest ingredients, delivered with the most exciting and flavorful taste combinations imaginable. You’ll taste authenticity in every spoonful of our products.


Gather your Family
Farm Fresh Flavor is on the table.

Times may have changed, but the taste for quality, flavorful convenient bean salads and marinated vegetables has remained as the bedrock for meals. Appetizers, side dishes, garnishes, and dips, make up the wonderful world of tastes that Paisley Farm brings to your kitchen pantry or table. Since 1945 we’ve been bringing farm fresh flavor to your table.

Farm Fresh Flavor, Ready to Serve