Frequently Asked Questions

J.W. Paisley, founder of Paisley Farm, based our original company concept on values we carry forth today: we make our products out of the freshest ingredients, delivered with the most exciting and flavorful taste combinations imaginable. We are located in Willoughby, Ohio. Paisley Farm is a family owned and operated vegetable business that was started back in 1945, in Willoughby, Ohio. Farm Fresh Flavor, Ready to Serve foods.

Paisley Farm foods can be purchased at Costco, Sam’s Club, Meijer, Kroger, Dillons, Fred Meyer, Fry’s, Quality Food Centers, Ralph’s, Smith’s Food & Drug, Sprouts Farmers Markets and The Fresh Market. Look for us in the canned vegetable aisle.

We are proud to have begun as a family farm; however, we’ve outgrown our farm and we now work with family farms across the United States and internationally to make our foods. After all, the best brussels sprouts come from Brussels!

In most of the club stores, Four Bean Salad is a seasonal item. If your local Club carries our delicious Four Bean Salad they will have it from late March through August/September.

In most of the club stores, Five Bean Salad is a seasonal item. If your local Club carries our Five Bean Salad they will have our bean salad from late March through August/September. 

You can find our vegetables in a 24oz jar at your local Meijer, Kroger or Kroger-affiliated store. Click here to find out where else you can purchase our food:

We want every Costco store to carry these amazing apples! Ultimately, this is a decision made by the retailer. Please let your local Costco or Costco Canada manager know that you want these apples!

Due to changes with our 3rd party fulfillment center, we have had to close our online shopping store. We are working to create a new and better online shopping experience for our customers.

At this time, we do not work with or endorse any third party companies that sell Paisley Farm products on Amazon.

Yes!! These apples are only at Costco stores for a limited seasonal time. As long as they are kept sealed, the apples will stay just the way they are now for two years. Stock up while you can.

Anything you want! Eat them straight from the jar, warm them up and put them over ice cream, use them in your favorite apple inspired baking dish, add them into your salad or your overnight oats. You can even use the cinnamon sweet juice to make beverages or cocktails. Warmed up in a mug is perfect for crisp fall weather.

Paisley Farm would love to have our delicious foods in all locations but that decision is also up to the retailer. Take a moment and fill out the cards in the suggestions box located at each club store. Their managers review those comments daily and take their customers’ wants seriously, let them know you would like to see Paisley Farm on their shelves.

You can find our Sliced Apples with Cinnamon seasonally at select Costco stores. If they are not at your local Costco, ask the store manager.     

These apples are crisp, fresh-like apples that are a medium firm texture. We have seasoned them with a touch of cinnamon. They taste great right out of the jar or in an apple pie.

Absolutely. Forget cutting and peeling apples, that takes too much time. Use our apples to skip those extra steps and go straight to the good part – eating the pie!

Use their in-store boxes or tell the store manager! And then tell them again, and again. We are working hard to expand our retail presence, but the biggest help is when our customers tell their retailer. They can contact us directly using our contact number 800.474.5688 . We are happy to work with anybody!

The 35.5 Oz jars of our Bean Salad are exclusively sold at Club Stores only (Costco, Sam’s Club).

All Paisley Farm 16oz items have the sell by date printed on the outside rim of the lid. All 35.5oz items and 24oz items have the sell by date printed on the upper portion of the jar.

For the best quality of the product we recommend consuming it before the sell by date.  We do not recommend consuming it after that date. 

For the best quality of the product, all Paisley Farm items should be refrigerated after opening. We recommend consuming our products within 30 days after opening.

The recipe is the same except our Five Bean Salad has an added pinto bean. The other four beans that you will find in both recipes are kidney, garbanzo, green, and wax beans accented with freshly diced onions and red peppers. The convenient straight from the jar goodness makes this one of our most popular items.

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued.

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued.

Sweet Cauliflower has been discontinued and is no longer produced by Paisley Farm. 

Yes, we are proud to say that all of our products are gluten free.

Our foods can be served as they are in the jar. Eat it straight from the jar if you like or pour it into a bowl and serve. Sharing is optional! We also think that all of our items taste great added to any salad, put into a bowl of soup, or in one of our recipes. For inspiration or easy usage ideas, go to our recipe page here:

No! We consider it smart! Paisley Farm foods taste great, are good for you, and help you spend less time on dinner preparations and more time with family and friends. Open, Pour, Enjoy! Farm Fresh Flavor, Ready to Serve.

Yes! Our bean salads can be a great addition to anybody wanting to add plant-based or bean protein to their daily eating habits. Check out some more information on bean protein here:

Yes, all of our bean salads can be used as a meat alternative. We have a few recipes that show you how to turn our bean salad into a meat substitute, also called vegetarian meat. You can find them here:  and here:  

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If not, please send us an email at [email protected]

or call us at 1.800.474.5688 Ext. 5332. We are here Monday – Friday.